We use cookies on our website. A cookie is a file that remembers what you do on our website. We place these cookies on your computer, tablet or mobile phone when you view our website. We use them:

  • to make our website work and improve
  • to improve our service and pension products
  • to tailor and personalize the information on our website. You then read specific information about your pension.

We handle your personal data with care
We and our executive organization Achmea Pensioenservices have made agreements to protect your privacy. For example, agreements about the security of your personal data. Our systems and programs are also well protected. You can read more in our privacy statement. For example, what your rights are. We only place our own cookies. They do not do anything with your data.

You can give feedback about our website
We do not use cookies for your feedback. You choose whether to state your e-mail address or name. Do you prefer to remain anonymous? Then leave these fields blank. We save your feedback for 1 year and work together with Usabilla.

We use different types of cookies
At the bottom of this cookie statement is a cookie overview. It shows which cookies belong to which category. We use:

  • Functional cookies
    This is how our website works technically well and safely.
  • Analytical cookies
    With this we collect information about, for example, the use of our website. This way we can improve our site and make it user-friendly. We only use anonymous data:
    - the site that led you to our site.
    - when and for how long you visit or use our site.
    - which pages you visit on our site.
    You can also give your tips and feedback yourself.
  • Personalization cookies
    We follow your online surfing behavior and search behavior. This way we try to make the information on our website fit you as well as possible. We do not share this information with others.

You can choose your cookie profile yourself
Go to your cookie settings There you choose which profile you turn on:

  • Complete
    We look at how you use our site. So that you can get a personal message from us. The functional cookies, analytical cookies and personalization cookies are on.
  • Anonymous
    We look at how you use our site, but you remain anonymous. We do not store personal data such as your IP address. The functional and analytical cookies are on.
  • Basic
    We only use cookies to make the website work properly. Only the functional cookies are enabled.

You can delete cookies in any internet browser
You may be using more than 1 internet browser on the internet. For example Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome or Microsoft Edge. You can delete cookies in the settings.

Occasionally check if our cookie statement has changed
We can adjust the cookie statement. For example if something changes in the law.

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