Leaving STIP

You have a new job or become unemployed. What happens to your pension?

IKEA will deregister you at STIP
You will no longer receive a salary and no longer pay any pension contributions. We will inform you how much pension you have accrued with us and what has been arranged for you. Once a year, we will put your pension overview with this pension fund on My Pension, under My Archive. After you have left employment, we will send you a pension overview once every 5 years.

My pension

Things you can arrange additionally yourself

  • Are you going to work with another employer? Often you will join the pension scheme with that employer. Then you can transfer your pension to your new pension fund or pension insurer. This is known as value transfer.
  • If you have accrued a small pension, STIP may commute this. You will then receive your pension as a lump sum.