Value transfer

If you change employer, you may also become participant in another pension fund. You may transfer your 'old' pension to your new pension fund or pension insurer. This is referred to as value transfer.

Automatic value transfer may apply to small pensions
Is your pension between € 2.- and € 594.89 per year in 2023? In that case een pension fund or pension insurer may also transfer your small pension automatically. Check the final pension overview your pension administrator sends you. It says if you should take action yourself to arrange your value transfer.

Things you can arrange

  • You are new with STIP
    You can file a request for value transfer with us.
  • You leave STIP
    You stop accruing pension with us. File a request for value transfer with your new pension fund or pension insurer. Is your pension small? In that case we automatically arrange value transfer on your behalf. You do not have to take action yourself.

This is how you arrange your value transfer to STIP

  1. File a request for value transfer in My pension, under at What if... I change jobs, value transfer.
  2. We will make enquiries with your former pension fund or pension insurer about the value of your pension.
  3. You will receive a specification from us. It will state how much your 'old' pension is worth in our pension plan.
  4. Do you agree to our specification? Then we will arrange to transfer the value transfer for you.

My pension

Things you need to know

  • It is not mandatory to transfer your accrued pension. It is also allowed to leave your pension with your former pension fund. This does not apply, however, if you have a small pension. In that case the pension administrator can decide to transfer your pension automatically.
  • Transferring your accrued pension benefits can be worthwhile financially. Whether this applies to you depends on both pension plans. Therefore, carefully check the terms and conditions.
  • Value transferral can only be effected if both pension funds or pension insurers are financially sound. Their funding ratio must be 100% or higher. If that is not the case at this moment, apply for value transfer immediately! We will proceed to handle your request as soon as the financial situation allows it. When transferral is possible again, we will notify you.
  • Do you only have a small pension with us? In that case, STIP is allowed to commute this pension when your pension commences. You will then receive a one-off pension payment and no monthly pension. This is known as commutation. You will automatically receive a letter if we commute your pension, when you retire, or when the partner's or orphan's pension commences.