End of cohabitation

You have split up after living together. This also means you will have to make arrangements for your pension. If you have previously registered your partner with us, you will need to de-register him or her. This is necessary in order to calculate your pension.

Special partner's pension
During your employment with IKEA you are insured for a risk-based partner's pension. After your relationship ends, your ex-partner is not entitled to part of the partner’s pension.

Were you employed with us before 1 January, 2021? Then you have accrued a partner's pension with us. In that case your ex-partner is entitled to part of this partner's pension. This is referred to as the special partner’s pension. Your ex-partner may waive this special partner's pension. Please document these arrangements, sign them and send us a copy.

Things you must arrange

  • De-register your partner in My pension, at My personal details.
  • Send us a copy or scan of the notarized deed showing that your cohabitation agreement has ended.

My pension

A partner you have cohabited with is not entitled to part of your retirement pension (equalisation), unless you both agreed otherwise with regards to this.