Do you only have a small pension with us? In that case, STIP is allowed to commute this pension when your pension commences. You will then receive a one-off pension payment and no monthly pension from the age of 68. This is known as commutation.

Is your pension with us € 2.- or lower a year?
Your pension becomes void, according to the law. This is because the administrative costs involved are higher than € 2.-.

Is your pension between € 2.- and € 594.89 gross per year (in 2023)?
And will you be accruing pension with a new employer? You can transfer this small to your new pension administrator. View value transfer to see what you need to do. If this is not possible within a number of years, you will receive a one-off pension payment form STIP. After that you will not receive a monthly pension benefit.

You will automatically receive a letter if we commute your pension
Are you about to retire? Or does the partner's or orphan's pension commence? Then we'll send you a letter to commute your small pension when you apply for the pension. You don't have to do anything yourself.