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Welcome to Pension 1-2-3 of STIP Pension fund!

Are you 20 years of age or older? And are you working with IKEA? In that case you accrue pension with us. Are you younger than 20? Then you are already insured for partner’s pension and orphan’s pension.

In this Pensioen 1-2-3 you will read what is and what is not covered by our pension scheme
This is important to know, for example if you start a new job. After all, each pension fund has its own pension scheme. Pensioen 1-2-3 does not disclose any amounts or personal information. You will find more information:
- in your annual Uniform Pension Overview.
- on My pension.
- on mijnpensioenoverzicht.nl (only available in Dutch). There you can also check the amounts of your state pension (AOW) and other pension.

Responsible investing
You will find information about how we relate to socially responsible investing at Investment policy. The investments underlying this financial product do not take into account the EU criteria for environmentally sustainable economic activities.

Pensioen 1-2-3 consists of 3 layers: you yourself will choose how much you wish to know
- Layer 1: your pension plan in 5 minutes.
- Layer 2: if you want to know more about a particular subject or your pension scheme.
- Layer 3: all pension regulations and information on our pension fund’s policy.

You are now reading layer 1. Click on an image for layer 2 and layer 3. Do you prefer reading the information in hard copy? Just file a request with contact.

What is covered by our pension scheme?

Are you retiring? Then you will receive retirement pension. Your pension with us will commence when you reach the age of 68.

After your death your partner will receive partner’s pension and your children orphan’s pension. Your partner may also be eligible for an ANW shortfall pension.

If you become incapacitated for work for at least 35%, you will continue to build up pension. In that case you will no longer have to pay any contribution or you will pay less contribution. Read the arrangements in layer 2.

We also supplement the benefit you receive from the government. Your WIA-benefit from the government is up to a salary of € 59,607,- (in 2022). If you earn more, you will not receive a WIA-benefit above this amount. Our disability pension supplements this benefit to a maximum of € 75,581.- (in 2022) in case of full incapacity.

Would you like to know more about the regulations? Then read our pension regulations in layer 3. Do you prefer reading the regulations in hard copy? Just file a request via contact. Or ask your employer for further explanation.

What is not covered by our pension scheme?

Our pension plan covers everything that is important for your pension. It includes adequate arrangements in case of your death or incapacity for work.

How do you accrue pension?

There are 3 ways in which you build up pension:
A. State pension (AOW): you will receive this from the government if you live or work in the Netherlands. Read more on SVB.nl.
B. Pension through your employer. This Pensioen 1-2-3 addresses this type of pension.
C. Pension that you arrange yourself. For example by means of savings, an annuity or savings in a blocked account with your bank (‘banksparen’).

Each year you accrue a portion of your pension. Your total pension is the sum of all those portions. You will receive this pension from the date of your retirement, for as long as you live. This is called a middelloonregeling (average salary plan).

Every year you accrue part of your pension. You do not accrue pension over your total gross salary. In 2022 you do not accrue pension on € 14.802,-. For we take into account the pension you will later receive from the government. You accrue 1.54% pension over the remaining salary, up to a maximum salary of € 114,866.- (in 2022).

Each month you pay a contribution towards your pension. Your employer also pays a contribution. With our pension fund your share of the contribution is 25%. Your employer pays 75% of the contribution. Your salary statement states the amount you pay yourself.

What are your options?

Are you starting a new job? Then you may transfer the pension that you have accrued to your new pension fund.

Do you want to compare our pension plan with another pension plan? You can do so by using the pension comparison tool ‘Pensioenvergelijker’ in layer 3.

Do you want to exchange part of your retirement pension for partner’s pension for your partner? You can do this on your retirement date or when you leave employment with this employer. If you leave employment and a partner is known to us, we will automatically carry out this exchange. You then have 2 months to reverse that exchange.

Do you want to see all your options? For instance the option of early retirement or deferment of retirement? Or the option to first receive a higher pension and later a lower pension? Click on the image for layer 2 for more information.

How secure is your pension?

Your pension is not certain. Your pension may not increase in accordance with price rises. Risks may arise for your pension. For example:

  • The average age of people in the Netherlands is increasing. As a result, we have to pay their pensions for a longer time.
  • A low interest rate makes pensions more expensive. As a result, our pension fund will need to be better funded to be able to pay the same pension.
  • Our investment results may be disappointing.

In layer 2 you can read more about our financial situation and the policy funding ratio. If these are poor, your pension may become lower.

Each year we try to increase your pension in line with the increase in wages. This is referred to as indexation. Pensions will only be increased if the pension fund’s financial situation is sufficient. As of 1 January 2022 the pensions of active participants over 2021 have been increased by 0.18%. Over the last 5 years the pensions have been adjusted as follows:

year pension increase price increase
2021 0.00% 1.27%
2020 0.00% 2.63%
2019 0.36% 1.71%
2018 0.11% 1.38%
2017 0.00% 0.32%

If there is a deficit
If we have a deficit we may have to take measures. These are listed in our recovery plan. For example:

  • Your pension will not grow (entirely) in line with prices.
  • Your pension will decrease. This only happens if we have no other options.

In layer 2 you can find more information on the financial situation, the policy funding ratio and the possible consequences for your pension.

What costs do we incur?

Our pension fund incurs these costs to arrange your pension:

  • pension administration costs;
  • costs to manage the investment funds.

When do you need to take action?

If you change jobs. You may transfer your accrued pension to your new pension fund.

If you become incapacitated for work or if your situation changes.

In case you are getting married, decide to cohabit or conclude a registered partnership.

In case you are divorcing, end your cohabitation or terminate your registered partnership.

If you are moving abroad or within another country.

If you become unemployed.

If you start working less or more hours.

If you are taking unpaid leave.

Check your pension at least once a year:

  • on My pension.
  • on mijnpensioenoverzicht.nl (only available in Dutch). There you can also check the amounts of your state pension (AOW) and other pension. You also see your net pension.

If you wish to make your own choices regarding your pension. Read at What are your options?

In case you have further questions, for instance about when to take action. Or about your pension options. Check this website. Or call us.

Want to know more about….

…your pension with us? Go to layer 2 or layer 3. You will find a lot of information and many answers on this website.
…your total pension? Go to mijnpensioenoverzicht.nl. (only available in Dutch).