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What is covered by our pension scheme?

Are you retiring? Then you will receive retirement pension. Your pension with us will commence when you reach the age of 68.

After your death your partner will receive partner’s pension and your children orphan’s pension. Your partner may also be eligible for an ANW shortfall pension.

If you become incapacitated for work for at least 35%, you will continue to build up pension. In that case you will no longer have to pay any contribution or you will pay less contribution. Read the arrangements in layer 2.

We also supplement the benefit you receive from the government. Your WIA-benefit from the government is up to a salary of € 66,956.94 annually (2023). If you earn more, you will not receive a WIA-benefit above this amount. Our disability pension supplements this benefit to a maximum of € 78,205.- annually (2023) in case of full incapacity.

Would you like to know more about the regulations? Then read our pension regulations in layer 3. Do you prefer reading the regulations in hard copy? Just file a request via contact. Or ask your employer for further explanation.