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When do you need to take action?

If you change jobs. You may transfer your accrued pension to your new pension fund.

If you become incapacitated for work or if your situation changes.

In case you are getting married, decide to cohabit or conclude a registered partnership.

In case you are divorcing, end your cohabitation or terminate your registered partnership.

If you are moving abroad or within another country.

If you become unemployed.

If you start working less or more hours.

If you are taking unpaid leave.

Check your pension at least once a year:

  • on My pension.
  • on mijnpensioenoverzicht.nl (only available in Dutch). There you can also check the amounts of your state pension (AOW) and other pension. You also see your net pension.

If you wish to make your own choices regarding your pension. Read at What are your options?

In case you have further questions, for instance about when to take action. Or about your pension options. Check this website. Or call us.