STIP is managed by the Board. The Board is responsible for the management of the pension fund and administration of the pension plan, including the payment of pension benefits.

The board of STIP consists of 6 members, consisting of 3 representatives of the employers, 2 representatives of the employees and 1 representative of the pensioners. Board members are appointed for 4 years and are directly eligible for re-appointment.

As of 10th of March 2021, the STIP Board consists of:

On behalf of the employer

  • Mariska Zegwaard
  • Rob Werkman
  • Elles Rutjes

On behalf of the employees

  • Jessica Matelski (on behalf of WIM)
  • Jethro Warbroek (on behalf of FNV)

On behalf of the pensioners

  • Albert Martens