The coronavirus and your pension fund

The government keeps tightening up measures against het coronavirus (COVID-19). The virus also has an impact on our pension fund. We closely monitor developments. But our services to you continue in the way you are accustomed.

Our pension fund is available to answer your pension questions
You can contact us by telephone or by email. We are available, as usual, to answer questions about your pension. It may take us a bit longer to respond. Our staff works from home.

We pay your pension
Do you receive a pension from us? Then you will receive your monthly payment on the agreed date. Please note that your pension may be credited to your account during the day.

Occupational disability or death due to the current coronavirus is covered
Our pension fund pays out the partner’s and orphan’s pension as usual. This also applies in case a participant should die as a result of the coronavirus. The same applies to pension related to occupational disability.

Our Board closely monitors developments
At the moment noone can predict the situation next week or the speed at which the virus will spread. Of course we follow all advice by the RIVM, the central government on hygiene and working from home. We also monitor financial markets, where the situation changes every day and lots of developments are going on. For the time being there is no reason to deviate from our investment policy.

On our website we keep you informed of all developments relevant to our services and your pension. Therefore consult our website on a regular basis.