Automatic value transfer of small pensions

Since 1 January 2019 STIP applies automatic value transfer to small pensions. Our pension plan rules have been changed for this. How does automatic value transfer work?

Newly employed by one of the affiliated IKEA employers?
Have you accrued pension with another pension administrator and is this pension less than € 484.09 per year? Then your former pension administrator may automatically transfer this pension to us. Check layer 2 of the Pensioen 1-2-3 of your former administrator for more information. Go to Bring your pension with you under the heading What are your options?.

Do you stop working for 1 of the affiliated employers?
And have you accrued a small pension (between € 2,- and € 484.09 per year) with us? Then we will transfer this small pension to your new pension administrator. This is known as automatic value transfer. No action is required from you.

Do you stop working for 1 of the affiliated employers and start working for 1 of the other affiliated IKEA employers?
In that case you remain participant of our pension fund and no action is required from you.

Pensions less than € 2.- will lapse
Is your accrued pension less than € 2.-? Then this pension will lapse according to the law, because the administration costs are higher than your pension.