Your pension benefit

You will receive pension from the day on which you retire. You will receive this benefit for as long as you live.

Things you must arrange

  • If you live in the Netherlands, you will automatically receive a monthly pension benefit once your pension application has been finalised. You do not have to arrange anything yourself for this.
  • If you live abroad, other rules apply. In order to receive your pension benefit you will have to submit a 'Life Certificate' (Attestatie de vita) once a year.

What else do you need to know?

  • We will transfer your pension around the 25th of each month. The date on which the pension is credited to your bank account may differ from bank to bank. National holidays may cause a delay.
  • Your holiday allowance is already included in your monthly pension benefit. This means we do not pay a separate holiday allowance.
  • When you start receiving pension benefits, we will send you a gross-net specification of all your pension amounts. You will also receive this specification in the event of any changes greater than € 0.25.
  • We will send you an annual statement every year. You will need this for your tax return.
  • Every year, the pension fund will examine whether the pensions can be increased by means of a supplement.
  • After you retire, different tax rates and tax credits will apply. Read more on the website of the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration.

Explanation Gross-Net pension (pdf)

You can find all your retirement and AOW benefit details on To view your details, you need to log in with your DigiD code.

Payment dates

Month Day
January 2023 Wednesday, 25 January
February 2023 Friday, 24 Februari
March 2023 Friday, 24 March
April 2023 Tuesday, 25 April
May 2023 Thursday, 25 May
June 2023 Friday, 23 June
July 2023 Tuesday, 25 July
August 2023 Friday, 25 August
September 2023 Monday, 25 September
October 2023 Wednesday, 25 October
November 2023 Friday, 24 November
December 2023 Wednesday, 20 December