Frequently asked questions

The following list contains an overview of frequently asked questions. Is your question not listed? Please contact STIP.

Pension statement

You receive a pension overview once every year. If you're no longer a participant in our pension plan, we make these statements available once a year on My pension at My archive. After you have left employment, we will send you a pension overview once every 5 years.

No, you cannot. The pension for your ex partner has already been deducted from your pension if you have been informed about this by the pension fund. The pension for your ex partner is not shown on your pension overview (UPO).

Yes, that’s correct. On your pension overview there is no separate mentioning of the extra pension from the value transfer. The value transfer has been incorporated in your pension overview if you have received our confirmation. In case you have not yet received a confirmation, your value transfer request has not yet been processed in our administration. Does your value transfer have a transfer date after January 1 of this year? In that case, the value transfer is not included in your UPO for this year.

Once a year your pension overview (UPO) becomes available in your personal, secured environment My pension, in 'My archive'. Did you opt to receive the pension overview digitally only? In that case you will no longer receive a copy through the post. You may change your preference on My pension, at 'Contact details'

If your partner’s name is not mentioned, then your partner has not been registered with us. Please go to Changes/Personal for more information on how and when you should register your partner with the pension fund. If you are married or have a registered partnership, we are automatically updated by the local authorities from your municipality.

Receive pension

That depends on the agreements about this between the Netherlands and the country you live in. In some countries you do not pay any taxes over your pension. For more information, please visit the website or contact the Social Insurance Bank:

In general the Social Insurance Bank does take the tax credit (on your AOW) into account. If you do not want this, you can ask the pension fund to apply the tax credit. You have to inform the pension fund about this.

Pension accrual

If you have been ill for more than 2 years, you will be declared (partially) incapacitated for work. You will receive a WIA benefit from the government. You continue to accrue pension. IKEA adds to your pension contribution. Read more under 'Sick or incapacitaty for work'.

Since you already receive state old age pension (AOW) from the Government you do not need to accrue pension over your entire salary. The amount over which you do not accrue pension is called the offset.

Pension from my work

No, the pension that you have accrued is and remains yours (except in the event of future changes, such as pension curtailments). You can leave your pension with your pension fund or transfer it to your new pension administrator.

There is a legal entitlement to pension equalisation. This means that if your ex partner wants to distribute the pension, you will have to cooperate.

If you are newly employed, you will receive Pension 1-2-3 on paper. This is an overview of your pension scheme with this pension fund. In Pension 1-2-3 (temporarily only available in Dutch) and you can also read about the pension scheme on this website. As long as you work at IKEA, you will receive a Uniform Pension Statement every year. If you no longer work at IKEA, STIP will send you a pension statement every 5 years. We make these statements also available on My pension at My archive.

You can look up the amounts of all your (previous) pension schemes and the state pension 'AOW' on nl, with your DigiD.

No, in the basic pension plan you cannot accrue more pension. It is legally determined how much pension you can accrue. You can, however, accrue more pension by taking out an individual insurance policy or via bank saving.

No, participation in the pension plan is compulsory.

No, that happens automatically. You will receive information about the pension fund through your employer: In Pension 1-2-3 (temporarily only available in Dutch) . There you can read what you can still do yourself. For example, register your partner with whom you are living together without being married. You do not need to register your children.

Pension from the government

How much your state pension will be depends on your personal situation. Singles receive a higher state pension than cohabitants do. Would you like to know the exact amount for this year? Visit the website of the Social Insurance Bank:

Your partner may be entitled to an Anw benefit from the government. You can read more about this at

If you want to know as of when you will be entitled to a state old-age pension benefit (AOW), please visit (only available in Dutch) and enter your date of birth (DD-MM-YYYY).